Yellow Team

Yellow Team - Grade 7 

Yellow Team Classroom Expectations
Listen and Follow Directions
Follow Swift Code of Conduct
Participate appropriately in class
Record homework assignments in agenda daily

Yellow Team Philosophy
The Yellow Team teachers strive to guide each unique student to achieve academic success through a uniform and consistent approach for developing skills in organization, study habits, time management, problem solving, and research. Our goal is to guide students to become independent learners and to reach their academic potential. We are committed to helping our students become good citizens by helping others less fortunate than themselves. We strive to prepare our students to become active participants in our democratic form of government. The Yellow Team teachers work tirelessly to foster students' respect for themselves, and other students and adults. This is who we are! 

Yellow Team Homework Policy
The ability to work successfully without supervision is one of the most important skills a student can develop. Independent study becomes a valuable preparation for the more rigorous requirements of high school. Homework is a necessary and effective means of augmenting the classroom learning experience. It also provides the opportunity for independent study. Homework which is not received on time is a reflection of a lack of commitment and responsibility on the part of the student. Since homework is a valuable way of reinforcing the concepts taught in class, it becomes important that homework assignments are completed by the assigned due date. Homework assignments are written in the agenda. We will post homework assignments on each of our web pages, but ultimately, it is the responsibility of the students to record homework into their agendas daily.

General Supplies
Two composition books - Language Arts
Two 2 inch Binders 
Notebook paper
Colored Pencils
Two Blue or Black Pens
One Red Pen
Post it notes

English Practice Websites 

Math Websites