Crimson Team

Crimson 8th Grade

Team Classroom Expectations

Have all materials ready (agenda, binder, pen/ pencil, etc.). 
Raise your hand if you have a question or comment. 
Keep the desks and classroom clean. 
Behave responsibly and treat one another with respect. 
Homework should be neat and complete. 
See your teacher to set up extra help times.  

Important Reminder!

A student's agenda is the most important tool to monitor his/her progress. Check agenda entries often and ask to see homework for completion.

Follow these 15 steps and have a great school year!

Step 1.    Be in school, on time, every day. 
Step 2.    Believe in yourself. 
Step 3.    Be organized. 
Step 4.    Manage your time well. 
Step 5.    Set personal and academic goals. 
Step 6.    Know your school's rules and academic requirements. 
Step 7.    Be successful in the classroom. 
Step 8.    Take good notes. 
Step 9.    Know how to read a textbook. 
Step 10.  Study Smart. 
Step 11.  Get involved in school activities. 
Step 12.  Make good choices and decisions. 
Step 13.  Get help when you need it. 
Step 14.  Plan and prepare for your future. 
Step 15.  Always try your best.

Learn how to adapt to different teachers
Know each teacher's class rules and procedures.
Have everything you need when you go to class.
Always do your homework. (Sometimes it is part of an assessment grade.)
Participate in class.
Treat others with courtesy and respect.