Evergreen Team

Evergreen 8th Grade

General Information 
we look forward to a Great year of learning!

The members of the Evergreen Team meet Tuesday (8:06-8:49), Wednesday and Thursday (10:23-11:05). Parent/guardian meetings with the team may be scheduled at these times.  The team policies are consistent with the Swift Middle School policies. You may also refer to the student handbook.  

Classroom Rules
The rules of each classroom are consistent with the Swift Middle School rules found in the student handbook. As stated in the handbook, “Respect for the right of one’s fellow students to learn and the teachers to teach is the basic measure of good student conduct and self-discipline.” Therefore, any action resulting in the disruption of instruction will result in the student’s removal from that class.

Homework Policy 
Homework is an integral part of student learning. We assign homework on a regular basis in order to assess student learning and mastery.  We expect that assignments be completed neatly and on time.  Papers should contain student name, date and section in the upper right hand corner of the paper.  All answers to subjective questions and essays will be done in complete sentences. 
When papers are to be done in ink, use only blue or black ink.   Math work is to be completed in pencil only. We expect students to copy assignments into homework agendas. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to check the agenda daily. If assignments are not being recorded, encourage your child to record the necessary information. All assignments are either dictated to the students or written on the board. We would like to thank you for your continued support and we believe that our working together will afford your child the best opportunity to succeed.